Wednesday, January 20, 2016

What's on my needles - January

Selfish knitting

If November and December are mostly about knitting presents for friends and family  then January is all about selfish knitting. That's right, knits that are just for me!

Thursday, January 07, 2016

2016 Learn something new!

Happy New Year lovely readers! I hope you have all had a fabulous festive season full of love, joy, family, friends and chocolate!

Now we are all ready to spring into 2016 full of energy and intention. Ready to face the world, take on new challenges, embrace the things we love and change the things we don't! Hurrah!! (Yes? No? Ok finish the Christmas chocolates first...)

I'm not one for New Year's resolutions- if you really want to make changes why wait until the calender changes? That said the Christmas holidays offer a perfect opportunity to take stock, look back and decide what needs to be done next...

Last year actually turned out alright -  I absolutely rediscovered my knitting mojo and my design for Wool and the Gang -  The Koselig Blanket -  became a best seller. I also self published my first pattern on Ravelry (Lost in the Forest Mitts) inspired by the lovely Cornish Tin from Blacker Yarns.
My partner's business also had a better year than it's  had for a long time as people actually started buying motorbikes again! I finally managed to lose some weight;  we gained a new kitty family member; the house didn't fall down and our camper van made it through it's MOT so all in all not a bad year (about time too as the previous few years have been a bit pants lol!).

A little bit of my stash. Just a little bit. I don't have a problem. Honest.
Lots of tidying and sorting has been happening through 2015 too - not least of which involved my yarn stash.  To be fair it's got a bit out of hand. I'm not saying I have too much yarn (is there such a thing as too much yarn? I think not...) but I do have more than enough to keep me knitting for years to come so this year I have made a promise that I will not buy anymore yarn UNLESS it's for a specified project and will be used straight away. No more stash building for at least a year...
There are also many knitty techniques I want to learn in 2016 -  toe-up socks, brioche, double knitting, top down sweaters, continental style knitting whilst purling (why is that so tricky?) so plenty of excuses to cast on lots of lovely projects throughout 2016 and plenty of opportunities to use some of that stash.

But what I want to master this year, more than anything else, is spinning with my drop spindle.
I want to turn fluff into beautiful yarn and knit with it.
I have tried previously - and blogged about it here - but after an initial burst of enthusiasm finding the time and the opportunity to continue has eluded me.
Like many things it's practice that makes perfect so I am going to aim for just a few minutes a day (preferably when the cats are out side -  Have you ever tried using a drop spindle with a cat in the room?). It's possible I won't  manage everyday but I will do my best to devote just 15 minutes a day to practising. 15 minutes. That's all. I'm sure I can manage that!*

I have often thought that regular practice in small chunks is more effective and easier to maintain than the occasional big chunk of time - especially if you have a busy family life/job to juggle around. So what new skill would you like to learn? Why not try just 15 minutes a day (or as often as you can) and see what you can achieve in 2016?  Maybe you want to learn to draw or doodle; write a novel or poetry; play a musical instrument; learn to crochet, knit, needlefelt or some other craft?

If you'd like to join me on Instagram tag me (@theforestflower) and use the hashtag #15minutesaday so we can share our progress and offer support. I can't wait to see what new skills you master this year!

*if anyone can suggest any books/tutorial videos or blogs that might help me on my spinning journey PLEASE leave a comment below. Any help gratefully received!

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