Tuesday, October 19, 2010

**Handmade Christmas Giveaway**

Well, approximately 24 hours ago I had 196 'likers' of my Forest Flower Facebook page so I suggested that if I could get 4 more I would do a little giveaway...

I have been truly overwhelmed by the response - I seem to have attracted over 100 more likers overnight!! In fact the current number is now 330, well over the 200 I was aiming for!

So as a big thank you to all you gorgeous peeps I am giving you the chance to win some of my handmade lovelies for your very own Handmade Christmas - in fact I am giving you several chances!! (more about that later...)

Here is what is up for grabs

First up we have a pair of felt birds in traditional festive red and green. Made from quality wool mix felt and stuffed with soft high grade polyester toy stuffing and a generous scoop of 'Christmas Spice' scented aroma beads for a warm, welcoming festive fragrance wherever you hang them. The cute gingham wings are blanket stitched in place by hand and decorated with matching buttons. Each bird has a little metal hoop so you can hang them from decorative tree ornament hooks or tie pretty ribbon through them - however you choose.

As if that wasn't enough I am also offering a custom made complete set of my 'Christmas Spice' scented plush tree decorations. The set of four - a heart, bird,stocking and star- will be handmade to your specifications from a choice of fabrics. You can have ribbon hanging loops as shown in the pictures or you could opt for simple metal hoops as seen on the felt birds above and hang them from decorative tree ornament hangers. Each decoration measures approx. 10cm and includes a generous helping of the wonderfully festive 'Christmas Spice' scented aroma beads.  For more information and pictures please visit my Folksy shop

So how can you win these gorgeous handmade lovelies?

I am offering each of you not one but FOUR chances to win this great prize

First you need to pick which one (or more!) of these fabrics you'd like your decorations made with.
(1) Modern 'Dark Green with Gold Swirls'
 (2) 'Vintage Patchwork'
(3) Pretty 'Holly and Berries'
(4) Fun and Contemporary 'Modern Patchwork'
(5) Country Chic Red and/or Green Gingham or
(6) Pure and Simple 'White on White Stars'

Next leave a comment below stating your choice (that's one chance to win)

You could also become a blog follower (that's two chances...)

You can also 'like' my facebook page if you haven't already and leave a comment on the discussion board post *Handmade Christmas Giveaway* (that's three chances...)

and finally if you are on Twitter you can follow me here and tweet the message 'I have entered Forest Flower's #handmadechristmas giveaway. Have you? http://anthea-talesfrommountpleasant.blogspot.com '  just so I know and that's your fourth entry.

So there you have it. Simples :)

You have until midnight on October 31st to enter and the winner will be announced on November 1st at around 8pm (ish)



  1. I'm following the blog, I'd choose fabrics 4 and 6, one very simple and elegant and the other is pure Christmas :)

    I'll tweet too @emilyh13

  2. I would choose 4 and 5, I will tweet too @jansawinner and follow etc

  3. I love 2 4 and 5, though to be honest i like all the fabrics.. iv tweeted you and facebook liked, and i dont know how to blog follow! good luck with your ventures, homemade xmas's are the best.. x

  4. Very cool. I love the #4 fabric. :-)

  5. I love fabrics 2 and 3 :-)

  6. LONG TIME STALKER...here and have just liked the Facebook and added you to noodleBubble page Favs...

    Love the Red Gingham...

    Off to Tweet...

    Happy Christmas and thank you! X

  7. Just found you through NoodleBubble's tweet and you've made me come over all festive, yay! All the fabrics are super Christmassy but I love the gingham (number 5). Thanks for the chance to win, am away to find you on Facebook,

  8. It's got to be the vintage patchwork for me! Absolutely gorgeous! What a great give away! This is entry 1, I'm a follower and I've tweeted! Just off to comment on FB :D

  9. I love: Pretty 'Holly and Berries' -very pretty!
    Already a follower on your lovely blog.
    Liked you on FB and will tweet as well :)

  10. Hello. Just found you from your retweet on Dots and Spots' twitter. Your products are lovely! I like the pretty holly berries fabric the best.

    I shall retweet and add on facebook too


  11. I love all the fabrics but if I won would like the prizes in fabrics 2, 3 and 4 as they are my favourites!
    Am liking you on facebook and following on twitter - @Lorslovescompin - retweeted!
    Laura Carrol x

  12. Really like (4) Fun and Contemporary 'Modern Patchwork'. This would definitely be my choice.
    Following blog, liked facebook, tweeted aswell @lowie131

  13. So pretty! I like the fabrics 2, 3, 4 and 6 with ribbon hangers of your choice. These are so much my style and they'd definitely class up the joint this Christmas! xx

    Following blog, liked on facebook, left a comment on the giveaway, and tweeted @nickiem for a total of 4 entries. (I really want these!! :) )

    Thanks! xx

  14. What a generous giveaway! I love the green swirly fabric, I think the decorations would look great made with it. The christmas spice aroma sounds delicious! They would all look lovely hanging on the tree, but i think i would hang a couple around the house too.

  15. I now 'like' your facebook page, have tweeted about your giveaway ( @chceramics ) and am trying to follow your blog but it wont let me...will keep trying!
    good luck everyone :)

  16. I keep trying to follow your blog but it's not playing. I have done the other 3 stipulations tho!

    Thanks for the lovely give away.

  17. Lovely giveaway hun :o) xXx

    Heart - No.2
    Bird - No.3
    Stocking - No.4
    Star - No.6

    All with ribbon loops please :o)

    Am already following your blog and you on twitter and have now liked your fanpage too :o)

    Good Luck



  18. My choice of fabric would be either 1 or 3 - but I like them all - they really lift the spirits on these dark days and puts me in the Xmas mood. besides using them as tree decs they would be great to hang in the car or the office so as to enjoy the lovely smells emanating from them all day long!
    Not a tweeter yet so I can't go that way, but am an avid follower of all your interesting sites.
    Keep up the good work - all your items are gorgeous - what a talent!!

  19. Thanks Nonny for your glowing praise :) I'm actually blushing here :)

  20. Right - I'm leaving a comment, have followed the blog and followed you on twitter - so that's 3 entries for me please :) They are really lovely and I'd like the gingham fabric please. x


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