Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Baby it's cold out there...

In fact cold is an understatement - someone told me it was -13 in the Forest today (7th December)! Most of last weeks snow had melted away by Sunday to be replaced by the most incredible 'frosting' I have ever seen :)

Jack has certainly been busy painting pretty pictures on our conservatory windows...

...not to mention my herbs.

Freeze dried sage? It looks so brittle it would just crumble between your fingers.

So me and the little man wrapped ourselves up nice and warm and ventured out into the chilly morning. The sun was actually shining when we set off but had disappeared behind a bank of cloud by the time we reached the end of the road. We are pretty exposed up here at one of the highest points of the Forest and the grey skies leant a certain bleakness to the view.

It's almost as if all the colour has been bleached out of the landscape...

...only the occasional flash of green leaf clinging on to the otherwise skeletal hedgerows.

But the cold wasn't going to stop Riley smiling...

...he loves the way the frosty grass crunches under his feet!

He also loved seeing the horses in their winter coats :)

But it's not all black, white and grey...

The bright scarlet berries look so pretty nestled among the shiny dark green holly leaves.

The extreme cold, frost and snow have been inconvenient for many people with some areas getting it much,much worse than we have, but it's unusual for us to experience it this side of Christmas. And, lets be honest, it makes snuggling up at home with the mulled wine, mince pies, pretty lights and colours of our decorations all the more appealing.

Stay warm people :)

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