Wednesday, March 23, 2011

'I have never let schooling interfere with my education...'

Here's a little something I have just discovered - a fabulous blog Sticky Fingers and an even more fabulous idea - The Gallery . The originator of this idea, curator of the Gallery if you like, is Tara Cain and her aim is to encourage and inspire fellow bloggers to take a fresh look at their photos and share them in the virtual Gallery. Every week she provides a prompt - a word or phrase - for inspiration. It's then up to us to either blog an old photo or take a new one and add our post to the ever growing blog roll (last week's Gallery blog roll featured 142 entries!).

This is such a wonderful idea and I have really enjoyed checking out some of the amazing pictures and the stories behind them, I found myself itching to join in so here is my first gallery entry on the subject of 'Education' 

Just starting out...
 I am a firm believer that education begins at home. Right from the start we read stories to Riley and as soon as he was old enough to sit up and reach for his toys books were clearly his favourite thing. I hope he grows to love reading as much as his daddy and I do. He is nearly three now and has recently learned his alphabet. He loves stopping at street signs and pointing out the letters or parked cars to read out the registration plates!

But educating a child is about more than knowing your 'ABC'. It's about giving them a wealth of experiences to learn from - walks in the park to feed the ducks, baking cookies together, making music with saucepans and wooden spoons, getting messy in the garden - all these things are part of his learning process as he explores the world in which he lives and finds his own way through life...
Yes, formal education of some kind is important but we learn so much more by jumping in with both feet and just being!

The quote I have used as the title is Mark Twain, by the way. Just in case you were wondering... :)


  1. Thank you so much for joining in. And your post really resonates with me; I've tried to do this with my own children through gardening, going for walks, baking - even cleaning the house! There is education where ever we look x

  2. I could not agree more and more own Gallery post has exactly the same subject! lol

    Nice to meet you, I've followed and will be back.

    Mich x

  3. I also believe that education begins at home and we are all always learning from the world around us. My 8 month old twins are already little bookworms x

  4. I couldn't agree more. Learning is a lifelong thing :)

  5. Thank you all for your lovely comments :) xx

  6. I agree with you, learning at home in fun ways is best. School is too pressured!

  7. Nodding in agreement here too! Home is such a fun place to learn, learning is an everyday fun thing to do with small people. Am really enjoying Home Schooling.
    Am following your lovely blog now btw.

    p.s your little person is v cute.


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