Wednesday, August 24, 2011

#TheGallery - Capturing a Moment to Remember.

Friday was World Photography Day
"World Photography Day is all about celebrating photography and remembering how special a photograph can be."
So Tara dedicated this week's Gallery to capturing a moment to treasure, something to look back on in the future that would spark a memory. Unusually, she insisted that this week's picture be taken on World Photography Day itself (or at least over the weekend).

Luckily for us we had visitors on Friday - my little bro, his wife and their 20month old daughter (you know what, I still can't get used to the idea that my little bro is a daddy! I used to change his nappies!! Does this mean I am getting old?). The Little Man is old enough now to remember his cousin and look forward to seeing her.
We were blessed with beautiful sunshine which meant we could let the kiddies play outside, which made 'capturing a moment' so much easier... so easy in fact that I captured several! (including the sulky face when little F sat down in the dumper truck that had a pool of water in the bottom. But I'll save that for another time...;-) )
I loved watching the two cousins interact - and particularly see the Little Man taking care of his little cousin, showing her around the garden, trying to play ball with her and actually allowing her to play with HIS toys (although he did get a bit teary when she wrecked his building block/gogo construction ). My sister-in-law is expecting another, due in December, a little boy this time. I can't wait to capture moments of the three of them playing together...
In the meantime here is my Gallery picture. Please don't shout at me, Tara, for cheating a little, but I couldn't pick just one...

For more magic moments on (or around) World Photography Day visit Tara's blog and check out the Gallery Linky...


  1. Oh I just love the cuddling one that is a beautiful moment captured! x

  2. Aww such lovely photos! Very sweet how they are playing together :)

  3. I've said somewhere else today that photos of children playing together are gorgeous & these are no exception. Brill!

  4. How lovely! It's great seeing kids turn into real little people who interact and play.

  5. Very sweet. My niece is coming to visit soon and I can't wait to see my 2 and her together.

  6. Aww they look like they had lots of fun, great photo's to treasure.

  7. I love pictures of children playing together, but I think the cuddly one is my favourite. It seems like you captured a lovely day. x

  8. Lovely and that last one is so cute and wonderful

  9. what gorgeous shots of the children. Nothing like just snapping while they play x


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