Saturday, October 01, 2011

Summer's final fling...

Thanks to an unexpected little block of high pressure, after a less than summery end to the Great British Summer we are now basking in what has to be the best weather we've had for months. So whilst all the magazines are touting Autumnal treats, presenting us with chunky winter woollies, tweed and boots and shops are starting to promote their Christmas deals, we are all slapping on the suncream, lighting the BBQ and filling up the paddling pool one last time.

We made the most of this good weather by taking a stroll around Soudley Ponds...

The sun is much lower in the sky at this time of year and the play of light through the leaves and across the water is very different to 'high summer'. I love it - it lends a very atmospheric, almost fairytale feel to the surroundings...

Paying attention to the undergrowth reminds us that actually it IS Autumn... (I think these ones are edible - I must go on a  'mushroom hunt' with an expert!)

The Forest of Dean is a popular tourist spot because it has all these wonderful places to visit. How lucky are we to actually live here?

...and finally, a beautiful end to a beautiful day...

Make the most of this glorious weather folks, we all know it won't last!


  1. I'm certainly not an expert but me and some friends are planning a mushrooming morning and you'd be very welcome if you wish to come.


  2. Thanks for the offer honey! Finding the time to do anything these days is a bit of a chore... make sure you take some pics and maybe blog your finds!!

  3. You are very lucky to have the forest on your door step :)

  4. Yes we are :)


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