Thursday, November 03, 2011

#HandmadeChristmas - Paper Stars

You know how much I love Scandinavian interiors. I love the clean lines, the fresh colours, the light, the innovative use of space - it is something for me to aspire to (although I really need to de-clutter...). I am particularly inspired by Scandinavian folk art so when I discovered earlier this year I was in crafting heaven!!
Their brilliant website (and accompanying HUGE paper catalogue) is just packed to the gills with gorgeous papers, stickers, trimmings, fabrics, ribbons, beads, buttons, paints and items to decorate that, if you are a bit of a 'butterfly crafter' (ie: you flit from craft to craft) you will be hard pressed to know where to start!!
Very helpfully Creativity Direct have included a big 'IDEAS' section on their website giving detailed tutorials on all manner of crafty makes from papercrafts to art, from sewing and knitting to jewellery. They even have 'seasonal crafts' sections covering Christmas and Easter. Each tutorial consists of clear photographs showing each stage of making, downloadable templates if needed and useful ingredients lists with links to the items on their website, making shopping for your crafty bits a lot easier.
Creativity Direct sent me a few of their gorgeous items so I could have a go at a couple of their lovely Christmas tutorials.

First up...

Folded Paper Stars

I received a pack of Vivi Gade paper strips from the gorgeous Copenhagen range - red and cream strips, polka dots and damask type patterns - right up my street.
The tutorial was very clear and easy to follow, although I did find getting the turn of paper for the 3D effect a bit tricky to start with!
It is very important that you set the four paper strips up correctly to begin with and make sure your folds all go in the right direction!
The first star took me about 15 mins to make but once I got the hang of it they took no time at all!!

Completed stars can be piled up in a bowl as they are or attach some cotton (just punch through one of the flat points with a sharp needle and thread the cotton through) and hang them on your tree or make a lovely star mobile.  

 If you leave one side flat and trim the paper off neatly they also make really special gift toppers - just attach to your parcel with some double sided tape or glue pads.

The Weaving Paper Strips come in several different colourways and pack sizes and are available from . The pack I used costs £4.50 and contained enough strips to make 5 large stars and  8 small ones. I think they are gorgeous and I can't wait to adorn my tree with them in December!

In the next Handmade Christmas post I will be having a go at some unusual paper baubles...

Creativity Direct provided the materials for me to have a go at this project but words and pictures are all my own.


  1. I think I am going to be very busy indeed! This is super and I can't wait to get going on some new decorations for Christmas! Thank you for the demo. You are inspiring!

  2. Love creativity direct. They will be one of my suppliers :)

  3. oooh, they look great! Off to check out that website! x

  4. wow these are stunning what a lovely idea. I am inspired by all the wonderful Handmade Xmas blogposts this year!

  5. It's lovely to see so many people embracing the Handmade Christmas theme :-)

  6. There are loads of brilliant tutorials. I have spent hours browsing the ideas section!!

  7. Really? Excellent!!!

  8. Glad you like these - there is plenty more to come!


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