Sunday, May 13, 2012

We went on holiday...

You may have noticed (or not) that I haven't been around much this week. That's because me and the Little Man galavanted off to the Lake District with all my immediate family to visit my Nan, Little Man's Great-Grandma, who lives in Windermere.  As you would expect with any big 'family' holiday some days were better than others, and with the weather doing it's best to put a dampner (and on one day at least, an 8 hour torrential downpour) on things it wasn't exactly the relaxing, chilled out week we had hoped for.

Still it was lovely to see my Nan again and reacquaint myself with the beautiful Lake Windermere.

On Wednesday we decided to take a boat ride across the Lake from Bowness to Ambleside and then take the train to Haverthwaite for lunch before heading back again...

The Swan took us across the Lake

A sea of masts...

Enjoying the view

Looking back towards the mountains

train ride from Lakeside to Haverthwaite

Haverthwaite Station

 Haverthwaite station was a lovely place to stop for lunch. There were plenty of tables to sit at, a little park for the kids to play and a display of owls from a local rescue centre. And the cafe sold proper tea in huge mugs!

Barn Owl

I am watching you...

Little Man works off his lunch...

 Then it was time to head back to Lakeside for the return trip across the lake...

The Teal comes to take us back to Bowness

Victorian folly - beloved of artists and writers looking for inspiration...

Boat houses at the lake edge serve private houses set back from the shore

Bowness from the Lake

A 'regatta' of swans....


Looking for treasure...
The round trip took best part of four hours (and it was VERY cold out on the lake too!) but well worth the £14.75 it cost me - under fives go free too!

If you want to see more pictures from our little Lake District holiday please pop along to my facebook page and check out the 'Lake District Holiday' photo album.


  1. What beautiful pictures - Note to self, must find an opportunity to visit the lakes before too long.

  2. What lovely pictures of the Lake Disctrict, haven't been for many years. particularly like the Victorian Folly. I spent many hours on trains and at stations when my son was that age:)
    crow cottage


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