Friday, August 03, 2012

The It-would-be-much-better-if-it-just-stopped-raining Life

Do you remember, back in May we had some gorgeous sunshiny weather and me and the Little Man got our little plot all prepared for some serious veggie growing?

I was actually quite excited by the prospect of raising our own little patch of veggie goodness. If you follow the blog facebook page you may have seen the 'Plot watch' photo album charting our progress but to be honest it's been more than a little disappointing so far.

In fact if we were relying on our garden to feed us like Tom and Barbara in 'The Good Life' we would all be getting very hungry right about now!

Or developing recipes with slugs as the main ingredient as they seem to be in abundance. . .  Eeuuwwww!! As I said we would be hungry!


The slugs decimated the lettuces over night a few weeks back. They've had a good go at the peas too although a few hardy pods have won through and we may even have a handful of peas to show for it at the end of the summer! The broad beans have started to pod too but not holding out for more than a handful of those either (although in their defence I was a little late planting those!) Two of the three tomato plants died. The remaining one is doing ok, it is flowering quite happily but no sign of any fruit as yet.

 Talking of fruit the strawberries have not been anywhere near as prolific as last year - the new plants I had this year (those that survived the awful weather) have not fruited that well and the fruit we have had, despite looking good, hasn't been that tasty. Maybe next year's crop will be better...  The raspberries have been tasty but again not nearly as prolific as last year. Too much rain. Not enough sun. *sigh*

The beetroot and carrots *seem* to be doing ok - the above ground leafy stuff is looking pretty good but it will be another 4 or 5 weeks before we can see whether the underground bit (ie the important bit) has done as well.  Fingers crossed!

It's a good job we aren't relying on these veggies for survival! 

Maybe next year we will just grow potatoes. You can't go wrong with potatoes. Apparently.

Are you growing your own veggies this year? How is your plot growing?

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