Sunday, December 30, 2012

S.H.O.P - A New Year's kind-of-Resolution

I'm not a fan of New Year's Resolutions. I think my brain just rebels at the thought of any kind of restriction being placed upon it - "thou shalt not eat chocolate hobnobs" is doomed to fail!

So instead of giving myself a list of things I must or must not do in 2013 I have a list of words to inspire! (and a neat little acronym to boot!)


One of my favourite magazines (and blogs) is The Simple Things. I love their ethos and their style. I love the emphasis on enjoying the simple things of life - good, honest home cooked food; pottering in the garden (or at the window box); learning a new skill or craft; hanging out with family and friends and taking the time to look around and appreciate what you have rather than worrying about what you haven't.

The KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid) principle states that most systems work better if they are kept simple rather than made complex. Generally it refers to computer programs but I think the same could be said for life . . .
 "unnecessary complexity should be avoided"  

Life is complex enough without throwing all sorts of extra baggage into the mix.
If it is not essential, let it go (applies to belongings, activities and insurance policies!)


This is the biggie! How often have you done something that deep in your heart you know you didn't want to do? I'm not talking about your tax return (no-one actually WANTS to do that) How often do you say 'Yes' to because your head says it's a good idea even though your heart is crying out NO!!? How often do you purchase an item without really thinking about it where it comes from or what effect it may have on the environment or yourself? What do you know about the people who produced the item? Or the company behind it? Or if you DO have this information and it's not as ethical as you'd like, do you chose to ignore it because searching for an alternative is too much hassle?

This year I aim to listen to my heart more, let my conscience speak out and act accordingly.


I have been saying it for years, but I really need to place more importance on being organised. It makes everything run so much more smoothly! I have got myself a nice page per day diary and this year I plan to *actually* use it! (honest, guv)


It's so easy to get bogged down by bad stuff but there is always a positive in there somewhere, if you look hard enough . . .  No money? Bargain hunting is a challenge to relish!  No time? Isn't it good that you are busy?

Or as Aretha (and just about every other singer of note at some point in their career) sings...

One of the most inspirational people I have met online is the amazing ShellyBobbins. When her boy, Noah was born at the beginning of the year with numerous complications due to Spina Bifida, doctors were not hopeful that he would survive. Shelly kept us all up to date with tweets and facebook posts as little Noah defied all expectations and went from strength to strength, recently celebrating his first Christmas at home with his lovely family around him.  Shelly's positive attitude has not only kept her family going through this difficult time but also done a tremendous amount to raise awareness of Spina Bifida too! And every time she posts a picture of her gorgeous little boy smiling my heart just melts...

Simplicity. Heart. Organisation. Positivity. Those four words shall be my guidance for 2013 - I shall be looking always for the positive, attempt to keep organised, celebrate simplicity and act mindfully, allowing my decisions to be heart-led.

I my even try, for the sake of my health, to eat fewer chocolate hobnobs . . .

How about you? Do you have any New Year's Resolutions?  Do you have a keyword or a affirmation to take with you through 2013? Or do you simply not feel the need to start a new calender year with any fresh intentions?


  1. I recently began living by the principle that the only HAVE TO in life is death. And that you do things because you want to & because you can see the benefits, like paying your taxes because you don't want to pay the fine etc.

  2. Great moto to live by anth! Hope it works well for you!


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