Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Ganglabs #2 - The Koselig Blanket

Do you remember my very excited post back in June about how I got shortlisted in the very first Wool and the Gang Ganglabs challenge? Click here to read all about it...  (The competition was extremely popular and you may be interested to know that the three winning designs are now available to buy as knit kits )

WATG announced the Ganglabs #2 in the middle of July, and possibly the best summer weather we have had in years! Despite the soaring temperatures, however, we were asked to think about cold winter nights and submit beautiful blanket designs made with the gorgeous chunky soft Crazy Sexy Wool and WATG's new HUGE 25mm needles!

With just ten days to submit designs I got to work straight away...

I started knitting swatches using Magic Mint (it's really more of a turquoise but I am not one to split hairs...)

I wanted to create a beautiful textured fabric so I delved into a fab vintage knitting stitch book my mother-in-law lent me. Working with the huge needles was a challenge in itself and finding a stitch pattern that was simple to work, that held it's shape and wasn't too 'holey', bearing in mind that the recommended needle size for this wool is usually up to 15mm, was very much a case of trial and error but I finally settled on a beautiful herringbone stitch...

...and of course I simply HAD to add a fringe...

For the second Ganglabs challenge Wool and the Gang were only going to shortlist three designs so I was over the moon when I found out that, once again, I had made it to the shortlist and would get to turn my idea into an ACTUAL sample!

I received a box full of lovely squishy wool all ready to knit up my design and as I had planned to take Riley to my mum and dad's place in Wales two days before the deadline I had just five days to do it!

The blanket is knitted in two panels but that's still a fair few chunky ol' stitches on the needle!

Big needles + big wool makes for a fast growing blanket though! Each panel took approx 5 hours to knit...

The two panels are then stitched together using a large sewing needle.

Wool spaghetti! Cutting lengths of wool for the fringe...

...which is added to the cast on and cast off edges.

Presenting the Koselig Blanket!

Koselig is a Norwegian word usually translated into English as 'cosy' but it means so much more than that! It is all about creating a feeling of deep warmth and contentment, companionship and comfort. The Koselig Blanket perfectly embodies this - warm, soft, comforting, beautiful to look at and perfect for snuggling under with someone special....

I think Riley likes it!

The cat also seems pretty impressed...

I am totally in love with my blanket which was so much fun to design and knit and even more fun to snuggle under! (although I am thankful the weather cooled off a bit - the panels got quite warm as they spread across my lap with each row!) 

But what do you think? Would you like to make the Koselig Blanket yourself? Well if it wins Ganglabs #2 then you will be able to! At this stage of the competition it is now down to you lovely people to vote for your favourite design (you only get one vote so make it count!) - the winning design will be developed into a commercial pattern and knit kit available to purchase from Wool and the Gang for you to knit up ready for those chilly winter nights...
I am chuffed to bits to get this far again but to win this competition would be awesome! I would love it if you would vote for me and share this post and the competition with your friends.

For more information please visit the Wool and the Gang website here or head straight over to the Facebook voting page here.

Thank you all in advance. Keeping all fingers and toes and everything else crossed!


  1. I love this design! I found it researching herringbone blankets. But my herringbone blanket knit with the same gauge needles and same bulky wool looks WAY different (beautiful but different). More like this: Any ideas why the difference??

    1. Hi Kate - thanks for comment. I guess the method of the herringbone stitch you used is different to the herringbone stitch I used which was adapted from a very old stitch book? I was deliberately going for a finish that was a bit different from standard herringbone for extra texture and interest. I think your version is just as lovely :)

  2. Hello, So nice your blanket. What the name of the stitch ? I'm french and don't find the name anywhere. Thank you

    1. Hi, thanks for popping by my blog - the stitch I used is a variation of a herringbone stitch from a vintage stitch book.


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