Tuesday, April 21, 2015

WIPS Linky is back!!

Yay! It's back!! The monthly Works-in-progress post with linky is back!!

For new readers and those older ones who may have forgotten, the WIPSLinky was a monthly post where I showed you what various crafty projects I was working on and I invited you to show me yours via the little linky widget at the bottom of the post (here are a couple of earlier WIPSLinky posts to give you an idea - you may recognise a certain Butterick pattern that was featured on The Great British Sewing Bee this year! Way ahead of my time, me!!)

So what am I up to right now?

Well first up is the #cablecardiofdoom  - a beautiful fitted jacket I am making for my sister, that is absolutely smothered in cables, knitted in the round, top down. It's a Drops pattern (this one) and is written very differently to the standard knitting patterns I am used to following. Mistakes were made - hence the hashtag - one of which required the undoing of all work so far and starting again (fortunately only a dozen or so rows in) whilst others were fudged and just about got a way with.

The first challenge was deciphering the terminology and making sure I understood all the instructions. My little notebook became invaluable for keeping track of all the different pattern elements.

notebook - absolutely vital piece of knitting kit!
 Second challenge was knitting a whole garment in one piece!

casting off the main body
I have never done this before (unless you count socks!) and as a knitter who has always balked at any pattern that suggests casting on more than 100 stitches in one go, knitting rows of over 500 stitches was pretty daunting stuff!  The sheer weight of the jacket caused a small problem - I developed tendonitis or 'Knitters Elbow' (basically the same as tennis elbow but not quite so energetic!) and had to lay off the knitting completely for a few days to allow it to heal!

knitting sleeve using magic loop method
Third challenge was learning how to knit the 'magic loop' method - that is knitting a tube (in this case the sleeves) with a long circular needle. I have longed to learn this technique which, as it happens, is terribly easy once you know how!  Much, much easier and less painful than using dpns...

Yesterday I finished the first sleeve so there is only one sleeve to go, buttons to sew on, underarms to stitch up and a few ends to weave in.   Nearly there!

AS ever I have several WIPS on the go at the moment - what knitter/crocheter doesn't? - including the Rainbow Granny Blanket I am making for Riley, the ongoing Beekeepers Quilt KAL and the lovely Breve Cowl from the Cirilia Rose book 'Magpies, Homebodies and Nomads' - I really hope to get as much of these done as possible before the end of April as my fingers are itching to start something new!!

So, what are you currently working on?

 I'd love to see!

Please share your works in progress either by linking up a blog post using the linky widget below or use the hashtag #WIPslinky on Twitter or Instagram, tagging me too so I see them! (@forestflowerdesigns on IG or @forestflower23 on Twitter)
I will try and feature some of your projects on next months WIPsLinky post so please do share!

ps If you want to see more of my WIPs then you can follow me on Instagram for lots of ongoing pics (@forestflowerdesigns) or Ravelry just to see what's on my needles/hook right now (@forestflower23


  1. Hello!
    I found your blog through the instagram link! I love it!
    I actually did the Linksy thing right lol! (trust me, if there is a way to do this wrong, I find it usually)
    Guess I scuttle off and read a few more of your posts!
    Have a great week!

    Bridgett, from Cat's Cradle Studio

    1. Thanks for joining in Bridgett - I love your work on Instagram (especially those little painted stones!) Do drop by again sometime x


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