Thursday, August 13, 2015


it's hip to be square...
Here's a little heads up for all you happy hookers out there!

Saturday August 15th 2015 is Instagram's #grannysquareday15 - hosted by Susan @suregal27 this is a little fun for the wonderful Instagram crochet community.

The idea is to create a virtual community blanket of colourful crochet loveliness in one day.  Then we are all encouraged to create montages of our favourite granny squares (there are lots of free apps out there to do this with screen shots - I use CollagePro for Android which can be found on GooglePlay) which can then be used to create lasting momentos - mugs, bags, keyrings, posters etc - celebrating crochet granny squares in all their multi coloured glory!

Want to join in?

 All you have to do to take part is post a full frame photo of a granny square and use the the hasthag #grannysquareday15 - make sure you do this ON THE DAY (Susan has posted a picture illustrating the kind of picture to upload on her Instagram feed. She has also requested that no-one use the hashtag before the day or use it to post pics of works in progress or it will spoil the blanket effect )

Need some inspiration?

Just search the hashtag #grannysquares on Instagram or check out my GrannySquareLove pinterest board for all the granny inspiration you need!

Follow Forest Flower Designs's board GrannySquareLove on Pinterest.

I hope you will join me celebrating glorious granny squares on Instagram on August 15th, I can't wait to see the virtual community blanket as it comes together!

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  1. It's a shame I'll be busy all day tomorrow. I might be able to do something in the evening though...


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