Tuesday, May 19, 2009

What to blog?

I was lying in bed last night trying to get to sleep whilst a million and one ideas for blogs buzzed around my head. One recurring thought was 'Why bother spending a good hour or so every day constructing a few paragraphs on nothing in particular that no-one is going to read?'
Well, I could say something about how I always wanted to be a writer and that the best way to be a writer is to write.
Perhaps it is a subconscious effort to keep the grey matter from turning to mush (it happens, apparently, once you have kids! All intellectual thought is replaced by the IgglePiggle song.)
Actually what it boils down too is that there is absolutely nothing of any value on daytime TV to watch and I've got to fill the little man's nap time with something or I will just eat biscuits and that is not good.

Obviously if anyone else does read this and gets some degree of enjoyment from it then that IS good and proves that this is not a complete waste of time.

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