Friday, July 10, 2009

Summer is here...and gone again!

Love this time of year! The garden is starting to look half decent as the plants lap up the alternating sunshine and (heavy) showers.
This is the first year I have had any time to spend in the garden and it shows with the newly added border running down the side fence brimming with lavendar, sage and chamomile and smelling heavenly in the hot sunshine whenever I walk past.
I am growing tomatoes outside for the first time and so far every plant has set at least one truss of fruit. My single courgette plant is also producing like its going out of fashion. We have a couple of raspberry canes and a forgotten about strawberyy plant that has the biggest flowers I have ever seen - can't wait to see what fruit that produces!
Unfortunately the pea plant (kindly donated by a friend as a seedling) has not faired well in the strong winds that hit us over the weekend and broke clean in half - we salvaged half a dozen almost full grown pods, which were very tasty. Definately want to grow more of those next summer!
Riley is enjoying being helpful in the garden - although more mud seems to end up in his mouth than in the pots! But it is so nice sharing freshly picked raspberries on a warm, sunny morning with an appreciative person (the other half doesn't 'do' fruit!). At 14 months he is already showing signs of being a proper little outdoor bunny - when the weather is dry he is in and out the backdoor all day and when it's raining he sits by the door pointing and obviously wanting to be out there!

My own little cabbage patch kid in Grandma's bean patch

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