Thursday, July 16, 2009

Things to make and do...

Now that the Biker Dean financial books have all been packed off the the accountant I finally have my hour or so of me time while Riley naps back again ( I am getting better organised - hopefully it won't take nearly so long to sort out next year!). This means that - in theory - I should be able to get cracking on making things again.
I have just ordered a whole bunch of fabrics in stripes, polka dots, stars, paisley and gingham with which to make bunting and other fancy things to sell on my website - when I eventually get it up and running. Oh, I am getting all excited about doing these things again - it has been such a long time since I have a: had the time b: had the energy and c: had the inspiration. It's amazing how tiredness saps your creativity.
Riley is beginning to occupy himself for a bit now as well which leaves me a little freer to get on with stuff - although I still can't refuse when he wanders over with 'The Gruffalo' for me to read to him - he is already showing a passion for books which I want to encourage as much as possible!
So I have plenty of things to make and do and the motivation to make them and do them. And if it keeps raining like this the website could be up and running a lot sooner than you think - 'Gruffalo' breaks taken into account. Watch this space...

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