Saturday, August 01, 2009

Back from holiday.

Back from a week at my mum and dad's place in Gilwern (nr Abergavenny). We had a lovely time with Riley's first trip to the seaside (Mumbles, nr Swansea) and a lovely walk along the canal path that runs all the way to Brecon - we didn't actually walk all the way to Brecon but I would love to cycle it one day...

The garden was looking fab, and the little arbour that dad has added was a lovely place to sit when the sun did show its face (albeit briefly).

Riley had great fun being the centre of attention of a posse of adoring relatives and I enjoyed not having to worry about the washing, cooking etc for a few days.

Now I have got to start thinking about our new venture. We are going over to Newent tomorrow to see our new shop for the first time. I am so excited about it I can barely wait....

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