Monday, August 03, 2009

Lara's Den

So - we went to see our new shop. I say 'shop', what it is actually is a room in an old (and I mean old!) town house in Newent that in it's previous incarnation was an 'olde worlde' shopping street/museum. The room we have been allocated is at the front of the building directly above the Newent Association for the Disabled charity shop. It has two huge sash windows complete with original, slightly bubbly glass and a very quaint wonky door frame with door cut to fit!

To say that it needs a bit of work is probably understatement of the century - but it is basically sound and all the electrics are being sorted this week so we can get in there and clean up.

We are going to call it 'Lara's Den' and it's going to be a wool shop/haberdashers and hand crafted gift shop. We are sharing the floor with an artist and a lady who sells collectables. Downstairs is another crafter who does spinning and hopes to do workshops for children.
The whole 'Shambles' area is tucked away behind the high street and is a warren of very old buildings, many of which are falling apart, and, sadly, destined for demolition. It really is like stepping back in time...


  1. Well, I guess it is time to get your "elbow grease" out...have fun...wish I could visit your shop, but I guess it will have to be virtual visits as I'm sure you'll share the details! ;-D

  2. will do Tammy - we hope to get a website with online shopping facility up and running too!

  3. Hello, just noticed you are a follower on my blog and I thought I'd pop by.How lovely to be starting your new little venture!Such exciting times,most people just dream of having a little shop and you're actually doing it!
    Wishing you lots of luck!
    Rachel x


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