Sunday, September 13, 2009

Some news...

A hectic few weeks have finally ended with an exciting and busy Saturday with the Newent Onion Fayre bringing thousands of people into the town of Newent and lots of new visitors to Lara's Den. It also marked the grand opening of the other half's new shop Biker Dean (second branch - he is creating his empire!)

After all the hard grafting and late nights that he's put in, with the help of friends, staff and family, it was good to open the doors to customers for the first time - Amazing considering we only took the shop on 4 weeks ago! Check out the website - for more piccies and news on the Biker Dean blog (to be completed later today!)

Also this week my brother has finally got his own website showcasing his photographs up and running - . He has been a hobby photographer for many years and has produced some amazing and unusual pictures. We will be selling a selection of mounted small prints at Lara's Den and maybe a few larger framed pictures at a later date but if there is anything you like on the website you can contact him by email for a quote.

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