Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Organic veggie box...

Riley wasted no time investigating the veggie box!
All excited this morning as my organic fruit and veg box arrives courtesy of Four Seasons Foods - www.fourseasonsfoods.org . Four Seasons Foods are a local company running an organic box delivery scheme. Started up by some friends of mine - Glenn and Kishe Redwood a few years back now they have gone from strength to strength and now deliver all around the forest. I had boxes from them a few years back but had to stop due to a number of factors but now Riley is eating pretty much what I do and the cost of our local supermarket fruit and veg is ridiculous I thought it was time to go back to basics.
So what have I got for my £12? lets see... some lovely mushrooms, onions,carrots and potatoes still in dirt jackets! (the best way to keep them fresh), lots of lovely curly greens, nice head of broccoli, some dwarf french beans, a couple of corn cobs, a handful of cherry tomatoes, some apples, kiwi fruit, a lemon and a bag of red grapes!

Now I need to get planning meals so none of it goes to waste....Any excuse to get all my cookery books out!

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