Thursday, April 22, 2010

How the time flies...

I cannot believe it has been 7 - yes 7!- months since my last post.
Well things have been a bit hectic what with trying to get Owen's new shop up and running not to mention Lara's Den... It's been hard times for many as the recession seems to have caught up with many of our customers and, in turn ourselves. The almost three months of continued bad weather really didn't help matters as we couldn't even get to the shop to open up on several days during January.
But spring is here and the lengthening days and warm sunshine has lifted everyones mood and the bikers are coming out en force once again which means trade at both branches of Bikerdean is picking up nicely - here's to a long, hot, busy summer season!
I have been busy too - orders for my personalised bunting have been slow but steady - with one order coming from the Merthyr Tydfil Fairtrade Steering Group who wanted bunting for their stall in the fairtrade colours - I even managed to make it using fairtrade cotton hand dyed and loomed and quite 'rustic' to look at but great to work with. The staff at Fair Trade Fabric were really helpful and even sent me some samples so I could get the right colours - if you want to try some of their lovely fabrics go to where there is also a very interesting page on why 'fair trade' is so important.

I have also been making lots more lovely fabric things for Lara's and for my own shop I am currently in the process of building at (which is like Etsy but UK based). I will let you know when it's open for business!

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