Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Hobbies Fair

I was recently asked to create some of my personalized bunting to advertise a forthcoming event that is promising to be an interesting day out to say the least...

A 'Hobbies Fair' held at Gorsley village hall on May 15th (Gorsley is a little village in Gloucestershire about 10 miles or so from Gloucester) The organiser, a lovely lady called Sarah Davy has gathered together a host of people to come along and share their hobbies with the public. Contributors include a beekeeper, a spinner, a potter and a gentleman who has restored an old vintage car. Weather permitting there will also be a pet dog show.
Lara's Den will also be there of course, represented by my goodself, Riley and the mother-in-law, so I am busy making bunting, pin cushions, pillows, teddies and other goodies plus we will have Alys' jewellery and Hannah's cards.
Light refreshments will be available but the surroundings are perfect for a picnic so why not make a day of it?
Old fashioned village fetes are a dying tradition ( although here in the Forest they are thriving, with two or three some weekends at the height of summer) so it's great to see someone trying to galvanise the community and provide a fun day out for the whole family.
Lets just hope the weather doesn't spoil it!

Hobbies Fair, Gorsley Village Hall, May 15th, 11am-4pm

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  1. oops - an apology - apparently Gorsley is in Herefordshire, not Gloucestershire! Well it's border country so...


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