Saturday, May 15, 2010


So today is the day I have been building up for over the past couple of weeks - the proper launch of 'Forest Flower', my own little enterprise producing handmade lovelies. Yesterday was a crazy day spent setting up my Folksy shop (more about that later but if you are impatient just click on the link opposite...) and designing and printing off cards, price labels, leaflets etc with the shop address on them. As ever in my life everything was left to the last minute but maybe it's cause, secretly, I thrive on stress!!

We are off to Gorsley Village Hall very shortly to set up our tables at the Hobbies Fair I mentioned a couple of posts ago. After a week of grey, drizzly, windy (even frosty!) mornings we woke up this morning to beautiful clear blue skies and the promise of a beautiful day to follow. I do hope so as the village hall is set in lovely surroundings and I know the organiser has arranged for a number of 'outside things'. It should all make for a great family day out so if you are in the area, bring a picnic and come and join in....

Needless to say a detailed account and lots of piccies will follow... ;)

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  1. I hope your laurch went well and await photos and details, you have some lovely things in your shop so you should have had a smashing day!


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