Sunday, May 30, 2010

We're Home...

Monday night - once we had unpacked the car we took Riley down to the beach. He couldn't wait to get in the sea (which was FREEZING!) for a paddle! So much so that on Tuesday, after taking him for his first ever trip to a swimming pool we went back to the beach for a bit of wave chasing (and jellyfish dodging!)

On Wednesday we went to Llandudno and  took a ride on the tramway up the Great Orme. Unfortunately the weather was a bit dull and grey, not to mention very windy, so the views were not the best they could be but still pretty spectacular. Then it was back down to the seafront for fish and chips on the beach.

On Thursday we visited Dibley Nurseries who specialise in growing Streptocarpus (or as they are commonly known - Cape Primrose) The greenhouses were packed to the rafters with beautiful flowers in many different colours and my mum was particularly pleased to be able to purchase the Harlequin Blue that had just been announced as the Chelsea Flower Show's Plant of the Year!
The gardens around are beautiful and well worth the £1 it cost for a stroll round and we even had a guide - Macsca the cat (the name is Hungarian for 'cat' in case you are wondering)

Last stop on the way home was Llangollen a lovely (but VERY touristy) town with a full working steam railway. The little station was cute and there were some great vintage advertising boards around - I particularly liked the one for Great Western Railways comparing Cornwall to Italy! Riley loved watching the train pull away from the platform... he also loved the shop stuffed to the gills with 'Thomas the Tank Engine' merchandise! Toot Toot!!

So now we are back home it's time to get stuck into rather more mundane things...but not after I have spent a couple of hours taming the jungle where my garden used to be!

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  1. what nice pictures look like you had a good time


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