Tuesday, August 24, 2010

August A-teamers part 2

I am afraid to say I have been a little lax in the blogging department these past couple of weeks. To be honest I have been a little lax in just about every department! The house is in desperate need of a day of cleaning, sorting and tidying. The paperwork for both businesses is piling up and really needs looking at and filing before I forget to pay people I should! We've all been laid low with a tummy bug this week too, which hasn't helped!
I have however managed to keep up (more or less) with the A-teamers at Folksy listing a new item (almost) every day! Here is a little selection of things that have been added to the Forest Flower shop recently...

I have had a few other Forest Flower developments too.
The 'Fairytale' Mini Bunting range I have been working on using the gorgeous fabrics from Makower and featuring pirates, mermaids, fairy princesses and cute farm animals is coming together nicely and will hopefully be in stock at our wonderful local independent bookshop - The Forest Bookshop in Coleford in time for Christmas!
(For a little look at the Pirate bunting click here.)

I have also been looking into increasing the range of 'scented' products I make and expanding on the actual fragrances available. After all, homegrown lavender is lovely but not to everyones taste and, besides my harvest is almost depleted! I know a little about essential oils but was concerned that just adding a few drops to the stuffing would a: not be enough and b: possibly leave oily patches on the fabrics.
So after posting a question on the fantastically helpful Folksy forum and doing a little online research I have found a great product called 'Aromabeads'.
These little plastic granules literally soak up the fragrance oil and lock it in creating strongly scented beads I can add to my stuffing. There are hundreds of cosmetic grade fragrance oils to choose from - it was difficult to know where to start but I have settled on five for now and we'll see how they go!

So keep a look out for new scented birds and hearts available from Forest Flower soon! 
(Shame we don't have a virtual 'scratch and sniff' button but you'll just have to take my word for it that they are all GORGEOUS!)

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