Monday, April 18, 2011

Silent Sunday - A confession...

I did not intend to mislead anyone (more a case of misdirection...) Part of the joy of Silent Sunday is that here are no words and you may draw your own conclusions about each submission. But, in the light of all the 'ooooo' type comments (thank you everyone :) ) on the picture I posted for yesterday's Silent Sunday I feel an explanation is in order...

Is it a Banksy? Well, to be honest, nobody knows for sure (such is the nature of his work). It appeared a couple of years ago in my home town of Cinderford - along with a couple of others and caused a minor flurry of press interest and a bit of a hoohah among the locals about how the graffiti lowered the tone of the town. (If you have ever visited Cinderford you will realise just how laughable that comment really is...*) The Mayor was quoted as saying he didn't believe it was a 'real Banksy' but a wannabe and the general consensus of opinion is that it is nothing more than a local (obviously pretty talented) grafitti artist trying to create some controversy...
Interestingly, the owner of the wall has yet to paint over it. Maybe he knows something we don't? Or perhaps he's leaving it there 'just in case'.

*I love my home, I really do but it would take more than a bit of graffiti to take it down any further (prepares for a flurry of complaints from fellow Cin City dwellers)


  1. LOL - my Dad always used to offer to give me or my sis 5 quid for every person we saw smiling when we drove through Cinderford - we never got a single penny! Polly

  2. Tales from Mount Pleasant repliesApril 18, 2011 12:51 pm

    LOL Polly! That was before I lived here. I am always smiling :) admittedly it's hard work keeping it up as I stroll down the high street but I do my best!


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