Monday, September 05, 2011

I'm not pregnant, I'm just fat, ok?

Morning MUMENTUM ladies - hope you are all well and have enjoyed the summer 'break' (I use that term in the loosest possible manner as I know it's not really much of a break for many of us!)

It's been a while since my last MUMENTUM post ( about 6 weeks to be exact!) and to be perfectly honest not much has changed. I managed to not put back on any of the weight I lost through that *food poisoning* episode which is a bonus. But that's it.

The Thinking Slimmer Slimpod frankly didn't do for me what I had hoped it would do. That's not to say it had no effect whatsoever. It gave me a much needed boot up the jacksy and made me re-evaluate how I spend my day. I have become more organised and have achieved much more because of it. My appetite has definitely dropped, I am eating less (although that is partly due to financial constraints on my food budget as much as anything...) but there has been no further weight loss. It's quite depressing.

Last week I was wearing one of my favourite tunic top/dresses over leggings. A gorgeous retro 70's print, A-line with little cap sleeves and a cute double frill hem. I love it - makes me come over all 'Barbara Goode'. And it's very flattering. Or so I thought.

Whilst flitting about town (as you do) not one, but two people asked me if I was pregnant!!!
You know how it goes. "I don't mean to be cheeky but are you expecting again?" "No!" says I. "Oh I'm sorry, didn't mean to be rude!" "That's ok - it's just this top!" Inwardly seething - how bloody rude!! - and considering burning favourite top. "It's just that you look really well, glowing even..." Trying to cover tracks now and avoiding any possible accusation that she has just called me fat, quickly followed by "I love that top. Covers a multitude of sins!" "Thanks!" I mutter and quickly leave the shop before I burst into tears in front of her and further compound the embarrassment.

But the truth of the matter is, despite having lost a little weight (I can see it in my face and my legs) I still have the MUM TUM. It's getting in the way. It means none of my clothes fit properly. Hell,  I look more pregnant than my sister-in-law who IS actually 5months pregnant....

I know what I have to do (uncover the exercise bike that is hidden behind a stack of ironing/toys/random crap and actually use it) I have the motivation. Now I just need to find the time...


  1. swimming is good! i do half an hour before work 3 days a week, and ive lost 2 inches off my waist in the past 5-6 weeks :)

  2. Well done for starting again, it's not easy I know - I'm hoping I can stick to it this time around.
    How bloody rude of people to ask if you're pregnant, even if I thought it I would never ask.
    Good luck with MUMenTUM

  3. I love swimming but the only pool I can get to is a school one so has odd opening hours for general public - may look into going one evening a week once LM is tucked up though.

  4. Thanks, gotta get cracking again. Getting a bit fed up tbh. All my trousers are saggy round the bum and legs but I can't get a smaller size coz my tummy is too big!!

  5. Good luck this time round, I must admit I looked at some photos of me yesterday and thought I looked pregant too and am not either. We can do it. We can shift our Mum Tums together!! Good luck xx

  6. Could be worse! You could actually be pregnant and people are too polite to ask you cuz they think you've put weight on! You're not that fat!

  7. Good luck with the cycling. I am often asked when I am due, very sad!

    Mich x


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