Thursday, September 01, 2011

#TheGallery - Animals

Two years ago I bought a little fennel plant to add to my small scented herb border. Last year it grew well and provided plentiful 'leaves' to make delicious fennel tea (great for aiding digestion). This year it has taken over the entire border, providing a stunning, 7ft high display of wispy green fronds and strange, almost alien looking flowers. (Not to mention getting tangled up in the washing line and attacking anyone who walks down the garden. It may have to go before next summer...)
It has also been a haven for all things buzzy, literally humming with life!

Yes, I know, technically they are not animals but insects but, hey, I'm not one let a mere technicality stop me publishing some interesting photographs!

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  1. wow!! these are simply stunning photos :D thanks for sharing them


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