Monday, March 05, 2012

#Mumentum - New directions...

OK I admit it, I have cheated a little this week - I went and read Liska's post before writing this. And I am glad I did as Liska has summed up perfectly what has been on my mind since the beginning of the year...

Like many, many other people I spend a lot of time thinking and talking (whinging) about how crap everything is - no money, bad health, a constant stream of bad luck and, more to the point for us #Mumentum ladies - no weight loss.  With all this focus on the negatives is it any wonder there is no room in our lives for positives?

 My previous job (before being a mummy kind of took over!) was managing an alternative therapies and gift shop. Whilst there I learnt a lot about so-called New Age therapies. Much of it has no scientific basis whatsoever and many people find it easier to put it down as nonsense or even go as far as to claim practitioners are little more than con artists out to rip-off gullible, vulnerable people with a load of mumbo-jumbo, and I have no doubt that this was the case on many occasions, BUT I did also see many people who were helped in a positive way by, basically, changing their thinking and allowing their inner selves to shine through and attract more positivity into their lives. By concentrating on the positive they were allowing the positive to make itself known. And while it may be true that we cannot 100% control what comes into our lives, how we DEAL with it is entirely up to us!


Liska has suggested we refocus on the positive - what we wish to be - our Inner Truth - rather than dwelling on, and therefor attracting, the negative - or what we do not wish to be.  there was a link on her post to a Kundalini Yoga lesson that has much relevance and that I read with great interest. Yoga has been a part of my life since my early 20's and the deep breathing and meditative practise carried through to my Shaolin Kung Fu training, but it has all fallen by the wayside since the Little Man came into my life. This lesson has reminded me of the power of deep breathing..

So this week I will be concentrating on rediscovering the fire in my belly

With all this in mind Liska has also proposed a new name for our Monday linky...

The beautiful thing about this is that it opens the linky up to everyone!  So if you want to embrace the positive and embark upon a journey to find your Inner Truth, why not join in? If you want to add your post, or read others, the linky is here


  1. What a well written post - I enjoyed every word, every paragraph.
    I think we'll all be radiant very very quickly if we keep this up :-)
    We both turned our backs on what we *knew* when our little men came into our lives, and they chose us for our "energy" so we now have to re-awaken it and walk our path...
    Liska xxxx

  2. Thank you!
    Your post was just the reminder I needed :-) x

  3. Wonderful, go discover that fire! Mich x

  4. I got into yoga last year and have been going to a regular class since September. I like the way I shut out the world and concentrate on my body.


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