Monday, March 12, 2012

#InnerTruth - The Quest for Energy...

Following the change of tact with NewMumOnline's Monday linky I have spent far less time this week actually thinking about my weight and far more time just getting on with things. The kitchen spring clean/sort out has begun - I found £6 in loose change behind the microwave :-) - and a fair bit of time has been spent in the garden digging and tidying up ready for Spring planting.

I have been doing a lot more Yoga this week too - using the WiiFit as a prompt/reminder ( a word about this at the end of this post*) and the Little Man has been joining in. It's very sweet watching him try and hold the Warrior pose but I really do not recommend doing the Cobra with a nearly 3 stone toddler on your back!

As I promised last week I have been practising  deep breathing - inhaling slowly, expanding my belly, exhaling slowly, relaxing my belly. I have been doing this for a few minutes before I go to sleep and found it to be very relaxing. I have also found I had some incredibly vivid and emotional dreams this week. I suspect the two are connected...

This week I hope to move on to the 4/4 Energising Breath - a more conscious breathing exercise that, as the name suggests, revitalises the body - great for those mid-afternoon slumps where I would normally reach for something sweet to eat.

Energy is really what I need - Little Man has been waking up earlier with the sun and running me ragged all day, then still not wanting to go to sleep at night. Where does he get his energy from? I wish he would share it with me :-)

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Tree Pose. Note: no toddler support!
*A word on WiiFit Yoga - It's a computer programme - a very clever one admittedly - but a programme nonetheless. If you have NEVER done Yoga before I would not recommend that you use WiiFit Yoga as a teacher, or pay very much attention when it proclaims you a Yoga master after completing an exercise for the first time. It didn't take us long to work out that as long as you apply the correct pressure to the Wii board it thinks you are performing the pose correctly. If you can stand on one leg for 30 secs whilst holding onto a shelf/chair/small child for support so you don't wobble too much, the WiiFit thinks you have completed a perfect Tree pose. Seriously. It is THAT easy to cheat. But as my Kung-fu master said - "Cheat if you wish but realise the only person you are cheating is yourself"


  1. Your kung foo master was a very wise person. Fabulous isn't it to be focusing on the positive.

    I am finidg these new interactive blogger templates very strange. Yours has had random number boxes accross the screen the whoel time I have been on yoru InnerTruth page, they must relate to comments on other posts, but no idea what the posts are as they are just floating above the text. IT als takes far longer for the comments to load - just some quick feedback, hope you don't mind?

    Mich x

    1. Thanks for the feedback - strangely I don't see the floating numbers and the comments seem to load up fine for me - I wonder how much of it depends on the browser set up you have... Still undecided on this new template. Love the streamlined freshness of it but miss a lot of the sidebar stuff on the old one. On the plus side (if you are bothered by that sort of thing) it sends my page view stats through the roof for some reason!

      And yes, my Kung-fu master was very wise (mostly) but he was human too and made as many mistakes as the next man. His Kung-fu was flawless however!

  2. Oh I love this post - you sound so grounded and centred.

    Love it,

    Liska xx


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