Monday, January 14, 2013

Ecover Zero Review - New Fragrance Free range

Late last year I received a lovely pack of goodies from Ecover - a selection from their new 'Zero' range.

Ecover Zero washing powder, fabric softener and washing up liquid and a lovely waffle tea towel too!  You spoil me!

I have been a fan of Ecover products for a long time, particularly their washing up liquid which I find to be just as good as that well known brand but without the chemical nasties, so I was excited to give the new 'Zero' range a try. All the products in this range are dermatologically tested, suitable for those with sensitive skin, approved by Allergy UK and completely fragrance free.

Zero Washing Powder claims to be "tough on stains, even at 30℃" , dermatologically tested and suitable for sensitive skins. I found it to be perfectly acceptable for my regular washing although I would say that "tough" stains would need a little extra help - if you are bothered by visible marks - and I'm not sure how it would have coped with the piles of dirty nappies I used to wash on a daily basis! 

Zero Fabric Softener left my clothes beautifully soft and smelling like they'd been line dried - fresh and clean without that over powering perfume that most softeners add to the wash. Like the powder it is suitable for those with sensitive skin and I would definitely recommend it for a baby clothes wash!

Zero Washing Up Liquid was just as effective as my favourite Ecover Marigold and Chamomile washing up liquid. As with all their washing up liquids it doesn't produce quite as much foam as other brands - but trust me, that is a good thing! It left my dishes lovely and clean and, as a washer-upper who can't stand wearing rubber gloves, I was please to note it left my hands in great condition too! I will probably stick to my fragranced favourite but I would certainly recommend it to anyone with extra sensitive skin.

Unfortunately Ecover Zero products aren't yet available in supermarkets but some independent health food stores (like my local, Wyedean Wholefoods) now have them in stock. Alternatively you can shop the range online through EcoverDirect

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  1. I like Ecover products myself - we mostly use their stuff or Method. This range is new to me though.


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