Wednesday, July 09, 2014

#YouCompleteMe challenge update...

Do you remember me posting about the Craft Blog Club June #YouCompleteMe challenge?

The idea was to fish out a long forgotten, started but not finished, craft project and, erm, complete it...

Well I picked a lovely cross stitch picture I started more than a decade ago and decide I would make a concerted effort to finish it in June.
June 30th - not quite completed

So did I do it?

Errrrrrm. Not exactly.

But I did complete a whole page of the chart. Only three more pages to go!

To be fair I knew it wouldn't be completed. There are not enough hours in my day to do all the stuff I HAVE to do let alone all the things I WANT to do! However I really looked forward to the little bit of time I allocated each day to stitching and watching it grow over the days and weeks has been great!
I have loved all your comments and encouragement as I have updated each day's progress on Instagram too - thank you all for that!

beginning and end - only three more pages of charts to do!

So what have I learned from this challenge?

Mainly that I have way too many unfinished projects that I really should complete before I start anything new! (she types, whilst staring at knitting basket with at least four different WIP's stashed in it...)
I have also learned that I still love cross stitch - even if it is one of the most time consuming crafts! - and I WILL get this beautiful picture finished, framed and hung on my wall. And it WON'T take another decade...

still working on it...

I have linked up with Frugally Peachy's YouCompleteMe challenge reveal post, as have a few other craft blog clubbers. Why not hop over and see how everyone else did?

ps - I will continue to post #youcompleteme pictures of this cross stitch project on Instagram - you can follow my progress here :-)


  1. The shading on that is exquisite. Your stitches are so nice and even.

    Can't wait to see it finished!

  2. That looks brilliant even now!

  3. Good afternoon, I have this chart, and I'm dying to start my project that not only have the colors you know where I can

    1. Hi Carol, thanks fro dropping by! You should be able to get all the colours you need from any DMC stockist. I suggest you try google to find stockists local to you or mail order options. Happy stitching!


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