Wednesday, July 02, 2014

Upcycled Coffee Tin Desk Tidy with Jane Means Ribbons

Did you notice the snazzy new 'I'm a Jane Means Blogger' badge in my side bar? I made the suggestion a few months back that the little tribe of ribbon bloggers might like a badge to show off  on their blogs and now we have one! (if you click on it, it will open up all the blog pots I have done featuring Jane's lovely ribbons)

I have used the ribbons to decorate empty gravy granule tubs before - now here is an idea for upcycling those lovely tins that the new Barista style instant coffees come in. (You could of course use gravy granule tubs for this make too!)

You will need:
Assorted paperstock - mine were free with Simply Homemade magazine
matching ribbon - I used Jane Means lovely vintage denim style ribbons that perfectly matched the paper!
double sided sticky tape
ruler and tape measure
label punch (optional)

Start by measuring up your tins - you'll need the height of the tin and the circumference (tip - use a piece of string to measure around the tin if you don't have a tape measure)

Cut out a rectangle of pretty paper to these measurements - the short edge being the height and the the long edge being circumference plus 5mm for overlap. This will be your base piece.
Then cut another piece in contrasting paper the same long edge measurement but half the height.
Finally cut a piece of ribbon the circumference length.

Attach strips of double sided sticky tape to the back of each paper piece

Neaten the edges of the ribbon by holding it very close to small naked flame (tealight candles are perfect for this) - this will melt the ends and prevent fraying. Attach double sided sticky tape to your length of ribbon.

Now assemble your layers - start by adding the the ribbon to the narrow paper strip, then the narrow strip to the base piece.

Make enough 'wrappers' for your tins using different combinations of paper and ribbon for a less formal (ie super pretty!) feel.

Now it's time to wrap your coffee tin...

Take it slowly - the tape I used was very tacky but luckily the tin allows you to unstick and try again without destroying it (unlike cardboard gravy tubs which tend to come away with the tape...)  Make sure the edges are firmly stuck down.

And there you have it. My paperclips, rubber bands and Sharpie stash all looking much prettier!

I added some matching labels using a great label punch and attached them with a piece of string so I don't forget what is in each pot...

The perfect way to give new life to old coffee tins!


  1. I love the way you upcycled these tins, thanks for sharing! #pintorials

    1. Well it seems such a waste to just throw them away! Thanks for popping by Tarana :-) x


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