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Hi &Thanks for dropping by!

My name is Anthea and I am a busy mum of one very inquisitive primary school boy and partner to one motorcycle nut...

Thrifting is part of my everyday life - my home, my wardrobe and even my weekly food shop are all on the tightest of budgets and this blog is all about how I make the most of what we have!

I love good home cooked food. I love to upcycle - taking something old and unwanted and turning it into something new and wonderful (and often putting it to a completely different use). I love creating unique hand crafted items for my home and gifts for my friends and family. I even sometimes make something just for me!
Most of all I LOVE creating tutorials - sharing my ideas, recipes and makes with you all (maybe I should have been a teacher...).

Over the last 6 months or so I have finally come to terms with the fact that our tiny, end-terrace 'new-build' - rather than the character cottage in the woods I always dreamt of - will more than likely be our home for life. I very much hope you will join me on my journey to create a comfortable hand crafted, family home full of character on a shoe string budget.

A home that will make me smile every day!

Anthea xx

ps I am also the designer/maker behind Forest Flower Designs creating cute and colourful treats,often with vintage and upcycled materials, for you and your home. I blog about my creative business - and others too - at forestflowerdesigns.co.uk and you can currently purchase my designs online from Folksy.


  1. Hi Anthea.
    A woman after my own heart.
    I also love to recycle, upcycle and create new things from old, and sometimes new things from new.
    I have been selling on eBay for years and also have my own website where i sell my homewares.
    Recently i had surgery to remove my left Lung due to Cancer (Happily everything went well and i am almost recovered) but had to give up my eBay business (Passed it onto my daughter who is still running it) so now i am going to start being creative once again.
    I was very lucky this Christmas and was given an embroidery machine (From all my family) which is just the best present ever.
    I have not done a lot with it yet, but the few things i have done came out great.
    I am excited to make my rustic hearts with pretty motifs, and also personalise them with names or little sentiments.
    I am primarily a card maker and use scraps of fabric on my cards too, which people have loved over the years.
    so i am now preparing to up the anti this year with some new keepsakes and hanging decorations for the home.
    I was so happy to see that someone else has the same ideals as i do, and knows what its like to live on a shoestring budget and makes the best of it.
    i love your items and especially your birds and hearts, they are so very lovely and to know they are hand made too is just incredible....well done you....mine are sewn on my sewing machine.
    I get my inspiration from the New Forest, which is my second home (Caravan in tow) the colours, sounds and smells are so exhilarating and i get some good ideas whenever i am there.
    Once i free from all the drugs (Mostly Morphine) i will be able to concentrate and get cracking on some new ideas i have have.
    I think your work is simply beautiful, you should be so very proud of yourself.

    1. Thanks for sharing your story, Helena! It sounds like you have had one heck of a life so far!! I wish you a full recovery and all the best for 2014 and beyond.
      Can't wait to see your creations with your new sewing machine - it sounds fab. I have followed your blog so I can keep up to date.
      Thank you also for your kind words about what I do.
      Anthea x

  2. Hi, Anthea -
    I commented on your August 2014 blog post re WATG's design contest. Congrats on the Koselig Blanket's winning design! I am attempting to make a herringbone stitch swatch after seeing WATG's video posted on my FB page. I love the look of the blanket!! I'll share a photo of the finished swatch when I'm done.
    Thanks again,

    1. Hi Martha! Thanks so much for your lovely comment. I had so much fun designing and making the Koselig Blanket and I am thrilled that so many people love it too! I would love to see your finished swatch when it's done :-)


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