Monday, June 28, 2010

In the summertime...

Well I don't know what it's been doing where you are but the sun has most definitely had it's hat on (hip hip hip hooray!) round here this past week or so. In fact it's been almost too hot to stay out for long in the middle of the day so me and the little man have been making the most of the mornings and late afternoons pottering about the place, playing splashy games in the paddling pool and tidying up the bits that have gone a bit manic in the heat. The cat meanwhile has been keeping well out of the way in the shady corners and under the shrubbery.

My cherry tree has managed to produce a grand total of 4 - yes 4! - cherries that I am jealously guarding as I am sure the blackbird couple have noticed them and the raspberries that are swelling nicely but still a few weeks off being fully ripe. As for the strawberries - well I know they were there but the Phantom Strawberry Scoffer (aka Riley) keeps getting to them before I can! Fortunately I have one planter with a new variety with bright pink flowers (the name escapes me...) that is just out of his reach. Can't wait for them to ripen up...mmmm

The little borage plant I bought from the garden centre months ago is now enormous and threatening to take over the whole border with a riot of spikey stalks and leaves (which taste surprisingly good if you can get past the prickles!) and a profusion of electric blue flowers. The bees absolutely adore it - which is why I planted it - and can be seen buzzing contentedly around it most of the day, much to Riley's delight...'Mummy - is it a bee? Is it a bee? Is it two bees mummy?'

But now it looks like the weather is finally turning again, the breeze has picked up, the azure blue skies have become grey and leaden and the temperature seems to have dropped about 10 degrees - all in the space of about 3 hours. Oh well, I suppose we could do with some rain...


  1. lovely photos, Do the strawberries with the pink flowers taste any different from the ones with the white flowers I wonder?

  2. Averilpam - I have no idea but I will keep you posted!

    Anthea x


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