Wednesday, June 09, 2010

'It's raining, it's pouring...'

...I wish I was snoring...!

Actually I don't really, but a nap would be nice. Riley has taken to waking up bright and early (ie 5am) the last couple of days - despite blackout blind. I suspect the over-enthusiastic dawn chorus from the newly fledged blackbirds in our front garden may have something to do with it!

Had a quick scout round the garden in between the showers and I am pleased to note the anti-slug measures seem to be holding up. There are loads of strawberries and raspberries just beginning to form - in fact I might have to get some netting to protect the raspberries as the local bird population has definately noticed them as well.

Still continuing on with the June Loons - and the two new additions to my shop look like this:

As I have listed so many items in the past couple of days I feel quite justified in skipping a day or two. I hear Spotty Cats calling me...

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