Tuesday, April 10, 2012

A little something spotty for me!

I spend an awful lot of time making things for other people - either as sales from my website, stock for shops or presents for friends and family. This weekend though, I decided it was time I made something for me!

So I did...

Can you guess what it is?

Maybe a little more...?

Let's unwrap it a bit..

It's a needle roll!

With a double row of pockets so I can keep all my knitting needles, circular needles, double pointed pins and crochet hooks in one place (not forgetting my cute little owl needle gauge..)

I have made several of these recently after someone came into my sister-in-law's shop requesting one. She was really chuffed as was my Mother-in-law and my own Mum with the ones I made for them. As all my knitting needles currently reside in an old plastic bag I thought it was about time I had one too. I have a lovely selection of polka dot fabrics to choose from - you know how I love polka dots...

Sewing  AND sorting - a very satisfying way to spend an afternoon...

So what do you think? Would you like one too? What colourways and patterns would you like to see?

I am thinking of adding some to my website and Folksy shop soon. Stay tuned....


  1. Make some more crochet rolls! I'm running out of space!

    1. Oh yes - I must make a mini version just for crochet hooks/double pointed needles :-)

  2. It's really pretty, and so much more useful than the one I've got which only holds needles. All those extra pockets are ideal. You could really go to town with mix'n'match prints, love it!

    1. I will be going through my stash today for some likely combinations :-)

  3. What a lovely and professionally made piece of equipment.

  4. Really fantastic, I love the choice of the two fabrics as well :)


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