Saturday, April 07, 2012

Easter Market Cake Stall

If you follow me on Twitter you'll know that I have been a busy bunny this week making lots of lovely scrummy things for a cake stall at The Shambles Easter Market in Newent. Indeed, at 10pm last night I was still decorating gingerbread men and printing off little price cards...

The weather was not promising - last time I checked the forecast it looked like a hat,scarf and fingerless mitten kinda day. When we woke up this morning it looked more like it was gonna be a wellies and umbrella kinda day.

Actually, if I'm really honest, it looked like a 'forget about the market and spend the day under the duvet' kinda day...

But all those muffins, gingerbread men, bags of  fudge and coconut ice were all packed up and ready to go. So go we did...

The rain held off long enough for us to set up the stall. Then it came back. Luckily we had a clear(ish) plastic dust sheet ( a highly recommended piece of kit for anyone doing outdoor table sales/markets/carboots) to cover the stall and keep everything dry. But the rain kept coming - a fine drizzle to start with, getting heavier, backing off, lulling us into a false sense of security, tempting us to remove the cover, before picking up again... *sigh*

Not only is rain not good for cake and gingerbread, it also does little to encourage punters.

We stuck it out for about 4 hours - luckily for me other stall holders and shop staff were hungry so I did actually sell some cake. The lad that works at my Other Half's bike shop at The Shambles pretty much cleaned me out of gingerbread men (guess what he's getting for his birthday next month...) and one shop owner confessed an addiction to carrot cake. But we still came home with a dozen or so muffins and several bags of fudge and coconut ice.

I was hoping that the profits would give me a little fund to buy birthday pressies for the Little Man but as it is I just about covered my costs. Slightly frustrating given the amount of work I put into making them... but hey ho!

On the plus side we have plenty of cake and fudge to munch over the weekend, and I successfully managed coconut ice for the first time (will blog recipe later this week).

Always gotta look on the plus side.... *passes round the cake*


  1. argh hun feel for you really do what with all the effort and tweeting yesterday! Never mind they looked yummy xx

    1. Thanks hun x fancy an orange muffin?


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