Monday, April 23, 2012

That's not my wardrobe (part two)

A few weeks back I told you about my wardrobe and how I don't feel like it actually belongs to me. I have been meaning to do something about it ever since, so today, as the Little Man woke me up extra early ( a special Sunday morning treat... ), I thought I might as well take the bull by the horns and have a clear out..

First things first - everything had to come out of the wardrobe...

Purchased from Camden Market half a lifetime ago. It's not going anywhere...
 There were several things I knew would be going straight back in the wardrobe; my LBD - a Joe Browns/Sacred Spirit work of gorgeousness; my black velvet Nomads jacket; my one and only pair of blue jeans (even if they are a bit saggy now...); and my lovely black and white tree print tunic dress from Grazia.  Everything else was pretty much fair game - if it doesn't fit properly (too big or small) or if it feels uncomfortable in any way it's out. If it doesn't go with at least two other things in the wardrobe, it's out. If it hasn't been worn for 12 months; it's out. If I had forgotten I even had it, it's definitely out!

 So there was a pile for my sister to try, a pile for the charity shop, a pile of 'good' stuff to sell (maybe), and the keepers...

All bagged up and ready to go...
It was supposed to be cathartic - you know shaking off the old to make way for the new and all that but I actually found myself sobbing as pretty much all my pre-pregnancy clothes went into a big black bin liner. All my lovely festival buys, beautiful indian silk tops, trousers and dresses, gothic velvet and lace corset tops (who am I kidding, I was NEVER going to wear those again anyway... ), the boot cut 'vintage' blue jeans I bought the summer I fell pregnant and wore, like, twice. There are even several items of clothing with the labels still attached.  I had hung on to the lot convinced that I would lose the weight and slip back into them in no time...

But now it is done. Even as I put all the charity shop stuff and 'for my sister' stuff away in bags I felt better. Hanging all the keepers back in the wardrobe and actually being able to see exactly what I have was good too. I even managed to sort out a bag of stuff to be recycled/customised including a (charity shop buy) fitted denim jacket that is just ripe for being turned into a cute waistcoat!
Beautiful Indian sari silk patchwork skirt. Too small now but will not go to waste!

Now I just need to sell the 'good' stuff* and get a couple of key items to update my wardrobe and hopefully get me back on the road to feeling like me again... And who knows - the law of sod being what it is - I might actually start losing the weight I've been trying to get rid of for nearly four years now!
All sorted...

* after doing a bit of research on Ebay I wonder if  I might be better off trying to sell the 'good stuff' some other way. If you're a size 14 ish and  think you may be interested please leave a comment or tweet me @forestflower23

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  1. I posted pics of stuff I was selling into an album on facebook and put sizes, costs etc and then got folk to pay via paypal xXx

  2. Could you upcycle some of your old clothes into cushions or something similar?

    I went through the same process with my wardrobe, and then went on a shopping spree, but trying not to spend too much!

    1. I have a bag of clothes I have put to one side for re-purposing. Some lovely indian silks, velvets, tie dyes and beaded stuff. I am really looking forward to giving them a new lease of life. :-)

  3. Wow I did the exact same thing when I was pregnant. I went from 3 wardrobes to 1, and I filled 8 IKEA bags and it all went to the charity shop. It was HARD but my Mum helped me. I was decluttering for baby arriving. And nearly all of what I got rid of was Monsoon - great for charity shop. I kept 5 key pieces but they sadly got no interest on Ebay so they went too :-(
    Best of luck sweetheart.
    I also have nothing decent in my wardrobe now, but because I don't want to buy nice clothes in 16 to 18 I keep waiting for the day I am a size 12, and it means I am wishing my life away....
    A shame as I used to dress really well (years ago).
    I'll get there. My deadline is August :-)
    Liska xxx


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