Thursday, June 06, 2013

It's dieting, Jim, but not as we know it!

I have almost completed my second 'fasting day' on the 5:2 eating plan (still hate the word 'diet') and so far it is proving much easier than I imagined.

I weighed myself on Monday, before starting the first fast (no, I am not willing to share just yet!) Constant weighing is most definitely a no-no - especially as my scales seem to change their mind every time I step on them! - so next weigh-in will be Monday morning.  I have been advised by other 5:2 eaters to make sure I keep my calorie consumption around 2000cals (which is about what I would normally have anyway) on non fasting days so my body doesn't think it truly is starving.  It's so refreshing to not have to think too much about counting calories. Apart from the two 'fasting days' food consumption has continued much as normal.

I nearly slipped up earlier - Roo wanted an ice lolly when we got home from school. Mini milks were calling and I actually got one for myself and unwrapped it before suddenly remembering that today was definitely NOT an ice-cream day! I actually managed to wrap it back up and put it back in the freezer.

To be fair I could have eaten it - they only contain about 30 cals - but then I would not be able to have the ryvita I plan to nibble on with my soup a bit later. I am actually quite astonished at my will power over something so small - in the past I would have eaten it, reasoning that an extra 30cals is hardly going to make a difference, but not this time. I even managed to bin the half a fish finger and a few french fries that Roo left on his dinner plate.

Clearly my will power is exerting itself!

Keeping busy certainly helps and I suspect the beautiful warm sunny weather we have been having has a great deal to do with it too.   I wonder if the lure of chocolate will be stronger on those miserable days when nothing is going right and my period is due... We shall see. It's early days yet! 

Tomorrow I am heading out with the Other Half and his parents for a three course meal that I won in a Facebook competition at a local pub/restaurant The Inn on the Wye.  Friday night is fish night and I am really looking forward to tucking in with absolutely no diet guilt whatsoever!!


  1. Well done Willpowered You! It is all too easy to eat those leftovers and I know many who have gained weight just by clearing a child's plate. Easily done. Enjoy your meal tomorrow, and congrats on it being a win too!

    1. Thanks Debs - I hate anything being wasted but I need to re-educate myself that consuming those left over unnecessary calories is just plain bad for my health!

  2. There must be something int he air as I'm doing the D word at the moment too. Been on celery, cup a soups and strawberries all week. I was 14st 1 (size 14/16) when I started, too nervous to get on the scales now...

    1. It's the thought of baring all in summer clothes isn't it? Thankfully the warm weather does make it easier although I am not worrying about rapid weight loss for summer, I am aiming to retune my appetite for life!! (ooo get me ;-) )


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