Monday, June 03, 2013

Homemade Jammy Biscuits with Duerr's

Hands up who loves Jammy Dodgers?

Even if you don't (are you feeling ok?) you can pretty much guarantee your kids love them!

Manchester based, family owned jam makers Duerr's know a thing or two about jam - they should do, they've been producing  it since 1881!  Duerr's sent us some yummy jam so we could have a go at our own homemade jammy dodgers - just in time for the half term holiday.

Not that they lasted for the whole holiday, mind you. They barely made it past the first day! It's a good job you can make several batches from one jar of jam...

We used fluted round cookie cutters for the outside and small heart and star cookie cutters to make the cut out shapes (I have sets of circles, hearts, stars and flowers in graduated sizes. We bake lots of cookies...)

The recipe is a basic butter biscuit - you can find it here. Bake a tray of whole biscuits and a tray of 'cut outs'. When they are cool sandwich them together with a blob of strawberry jam and dust the top with icing sugar!  A million times scrummier than regular jammy dodgers and pretty impressive to look at too. They would make a great alternative to cupcakes for a kids party!

Don't they look yummy?

Why not pop over to Mrs Duerr's Kitchen for more lovely things to make with jam. I think I may have to try the Victoria Sponge Drops next...

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