Saturday, August 24, 2013

The Village Fair, Southbank Centre - A virtual craft bloggers stall

This weekend (24th and 25th August) the Southbank Centre , London, is hosting a large scale quintessential Village Fair including stalls, traditional games and crafting. Here's what Davina Drummond of The Making Home and organiser of this fab Virtual Craft Stall writes...

"The key theme of the fair is community and bringing people together to share their passions. This is explicit in a series of interactive talks titled the Craft Code Village, which explore the relationship between the craft community revival and the Internet. In response to this the Southbank Centre have invited Craft Bloggers from across the UK to create a collective Virtual stall on their blogs for the weekend of the fair. Crafters traditionally share their practice at market stalls and sell their goods as a way to generate income, whereas craft bloggers are more likely to share online and often share how to make their craft too. What happens when craft bloggers create a virtual stall?

Here is the outcome of the craft bloggers virtual stall: a Tutorial Stall sharing one link to each blogger's favourite DIY tutorial on their site. It provides a chance for all 12 bloggers simultaneously to share each other's practice to their readers and through doing so celebrate the very foundation of Craft Code Village. "

So here is the collection of tutorials very nicely curated by Davina (hers is the very cute 'yes' stamp hankie :-) ) Links to each tutorial are below...


 1. DIY Plastic Taxidermy by Pointless Pretty Things  2. DIY Dip dyed Shoes by Trends with Benefits
3. DIY Rubber Stamp Printed Handkerchief by Davina Drummond at The Making Home  4. Crochet pin cushion by Crafting Fingers  5. Woven ribbon lavender pillow by Tales From Mount Pleasant (that would be me then... ;-) )  6. Flower Fabric Badges by The New Craft Society  7. Felt Streamers by This is Wiss  8. LittlePaper Book by Something I Made   9. Teacup Embroidery by Ailie Williams 
10. Booboxes by Emily Quinton at the Start Up Wife  11. DIY CurveBead Cord Bracelet by Claireabellemakes   12. Bunting Notebook by Papermash 

So - a pretty eclectic mix of lovely makes I think you'd agree! Any one (or two or three) could be put together in an afternoon so why not have a go this weekend?  I am loving the fab dip dyed shoes by Trends with Benefits  and the cute bracelet by Claireabellemakes . The little mini notebook make from Something I Made would be a perfect project for Roo at the moment as he loves writing little stories and Emily Quinton's Booboxes are a fab kids make too!

And for those of you in the capital why not head down the The SouthBank Centre today or tomorrow and catch some of the Village Fair vibe yourself :-)

ps: If you want to keep track of events on Twitter then follow @SouthbankCentre and hashtag #villagefair

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