Saturday, August 31, 2013

Something for the Weekend - cute mini pincushion tutorial

Here's a cute project for you - these adorable little pincushions take just moments to put together and make fab gifts for your stitchy friends!

For the base I used a small curtain ring  - I picked up a big bag of them for £1.50 from a charity shop last year - even bought new they are much cheaper than the purpose made 'craft rings' you can buy and wooden ones can easily be painted to match your chosen fabric too!

You will need:

small wooden curtain ring (outer diameter 55mm)
circle of fabric approx 15cm diameter - I used a small plate as a template
circle of felt cut to inner diameter of curtain ring
needle and thread
toy stuffing
craft glue
teeny button to trim

 First run a gathering stitch around the edge of your fabric circle, approx 5mm in from the edge.

Pull the the thread to gather the fabric together 

Add the stuffing then pull the thread tight to close the gap and fasten off. 
Don't worry too much about neatness as this will be hidden later... 

 Put some glue all around the edge of the curtain ring

Place the cushion on top. 
Push down gently so the fabric comes into contact with the glue all the way around.  
Leave to dry for a few minutes.

Now glue the felt circle onto the bottom of the cushion to neaten it up.

My curtain ring had a small hole where I had removed the eye hook so I covered it up by gluing on a teeny pink button.

And there you have it - pincushion cuteness in minutes! 

Team up with a matching needle book for a perfectly co-ordinated addition to your work basket.

(if you really don't want to make one yourself, this little pincushion, along with cute matching needle book, is available to purchase from my Folksy shop now! )

Happy Crafting!


  1. That looks so easy, I may have a go myself. Although I think a needle book may be a bit of a stretch at the moment!

  2. This is SO pretty (and super-simple instructions)! #Pintorials


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