Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Magazine Cover Kits - making them your own!

I have made no secret of my love for Mollie Makes on this blog.  One of the things I love best - apart from the cute styling, the amazing makes, the fab interviews etc etc - are the free cover kits that come with my magazine every month.

Now I won't lie to you, not all of them have been made up - in fact I have a drawer full of unmade kits. I WILL make them, one day, and many will go into my present box ready to be wrapped and gifted when the occasion arises.

This month's issue comes with a fab neon felt mug cosy kit and arrived in the post the day before I went off to my parent's place with Roo for a few days over half term, so I packed it in my bag as a little something to do to stop me getting restless (I am so rubbish at doing nothing!)

The instructions call for glue to be used but I stitched all the pieces into place instead (there was more than enough thread included) and put the kit together over the course of the afternoon - with much chat, coffee and cake thrown in - then I realised that, actually, I really don't need a mug cozy BUT if I folded it in half it was the perfect size for my new phone...

So thats what I did!  I used the left over silver thread to over stitch the sides and stitched the velcro in place rather than use glue.

I am really rather pleased with it!  It was also a perfect fit for my sister's little compact camera so I have a feeling I may be making a few more of these...

What do you do with craft magazine cover kits?  Do you make them up instantly or do you store them away for a rainy day?  Do you always make them up as per the instructions or do you like to freestyle them a bit?

Do let me know!


  1. That's a cool phone case. You won't lose your phone in that! I've got loads of balls of wool from my art of crochet to make up into squares and a pile of squares to sew together...

  2. Sometimes I do make what they were for, so I've knitted a flower brooch and a baby's bonnet, but often the yarn gets absorbed into my stash and either becomes "practice yarn" for new stitches, or granny squares! One day I will have a vast throw composed solely of free yarn!


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