Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Tuesday Tutorials - week 4

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Good morning everyone - it's Tuesday Tutorials Day!   Time to root through your bloggy archives and allow one of your favourite tutorials, recipes or how-to's shine again!

Last week was a little quieter than previously - for many of us it was half-term so we were all busy entertaining small people!  There were some great ideas for things to do with the kids linked up though. 

I loved the make your own scratch paper tutorial that Jen at Mum in the Mad House linked up. I remember doing something similar as a child and I KNOW Roo will love both the making and scratching!

One of my Pintorials team mates - Kate at Crafts on Sea - shared a recipe so unbelievably simple it has no business tasting so darn good ( I know, I tried it!!). Start off the tealoaf in the evening and pop into a low oven at breakfast time and you will have a gorgeous fruity loaf to have with your mid-morning cuppa!

Finally a very practical tutorial from Barbie, Bieber and Beyond for all of us Blogger bloggers - how to design your own category tabs. I love tweaking my blog layout - the ease with which you can do this one of the aspects of Blogger I love best - and this is something I didn't even know I could do! I will definitely be giving it a go when I have a spare few hours...

So there are my picks from last week - don't forget to visit my fellow Pintorials partners in crime - KateGudeAnna - and check out their picks too!

Want to join in? Have a tutorial or a recipe that you would love to share? Simply add your post to the linky below and we will set about pinning to our Tuesday Tutorials Pinterest board and tweeting using #Pintorials. It doesn't have to be a new post but only ONE entry a week please! (For a full recap of the rules click here )

As this month is all about pompoms here at Mount Pleasant (stay tuned for a fab pompom make later this week!) I have linked up my PomPom Garland tutorial which includes a step by step on making Rainbow Pompoms! 

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