Monday, March 24, 2014

Busy Times...

You may have noticed I've not been around here much the last couple of weeks.

March always seems to be a busy month for us. There is the all the paperwork for the year to sort out for my Other Half's motorcycle shop - getting everything together ready for the accountants; chasing up missing invoices; sorting through all the ins and outs; and then there's stock take... *shudders*

March is also the month of my parents wedding anniversary and as they don't celebrate other holidays like Christmas for religious reasons we always make a big fuss over this date - it's represents the start of our family after all - and get together and exchange gifts. So I have been busy making little presents for everyone that I can't share with you because some of my family do actually pay attention to my ramblings here!

The weather has picked up recently too - allowing us to get outside and begin work on a really exciting project. There will be much more about this later but here's a sneak peak...

Another reason I have been otherwise occupied is due to the latest addition to our family!

Meet Shadow...

the first picture I saw on CPL website

Shadow is a rescue cat from The Cat's Protection League. He is approximately a year old and was found taped up in a box with his mum and sister in a park. When the box was investigated, Shadow leapt out and spent another three weeks living rough until the CPL volunteer found him and brought him in. After four weeks of rehabilitation and vet checks, vaccinations, micro chipping and neutering,  Shadow was placed in a foster home where we went to see him for the first time.

He instantly took to Roo and within 15 minutes or so was allowing our hyper five year old to stroke his belly and play chase the ball. I knew he was the right cat for us and we came back to fetch him the next day.

That was three weeks ago and Shadow has thoroughly made himself at home here now. He is not a lappy cat, preferring to sit close enough for a bit of fuss when he wants it but he always joins us on Roo's bed for bedtime stories and one night he got shut in the room with him and happily nested in amongst Roo's cuddly toys! It's now his favourite daytime sleeping place while I am working and Roo is at school!

So that's why I have been a little quiet! Never fear though - plans are afoot for April blogging. I have a new Crafty Obsession to share, a couple of extra tutorials in the planning and a great giveaway from The Makery too! I'm still meal planning but may not post every week - I'm not sure you all really want to see how many variations of 'let's see what's in the fridge soup' we are having each week - but I will share any tips or frugal recipes I come across at least once a month.
Finally, don't forget the Tuesday Tutorials linky every Tuesday (funnily enough... ) It's a great place to find new ideas for crafts and recipes and link up your own little gems for us to share across Pinterest and Twitter.

I can't believe we are nearly at the end of March already - a quarter of the way through 2014! But Spring is on the way, the garden is needing some serious love and attention after the battering it's had this winter and I am just glad to see some sunshine again!

Looking forward to April!

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