Monday, October 31, 2011

More on Monday...

Yesterday's Silent Sunday picture was one of a series of photographs I took from my mum's back garden as the sun rose on Saturday morning.

You guys know I am found of a sunset. From our house on top of the hill we have an amazing view westwards which means stunning sunsets are a regular photographic subject and have starred in a few Silent Sundays and a whole blog post of their own 

Sunrise, however, is mostly obscured by the houses that are just above us at the very top of the hill. I keep meaning to take a stroll along the road to the fields on the path overlooking the River Severn and the Cotswold Ridge to the east but I don't really do mornings.

My parents also live on the side of a hill but their view is east facing. Which means their sunrises have the potential to be as spectacular as our sunsets! I was determined that, weather permitting I would get some decent shots of the sunrise whilst I was there this weekend. And I wasn't disappointed...

"Why sleep when the day has been called up by the sun,
From the night, coz the light's gonna shine on everyone?

Why sleep when the sleep only closes up our eyes?
Why sleep when you can watch the sun rise?"
'Baby Day'   Melanie Kafka

ps I chose the 'Mist at Dawn' shot for yesterday's post because, in contrast to the explosion of colour in the rest of the shots, I loved the layers of pinky peachy mauve and grey; the splashes of pale blue sky and the little hillocks poking up out of the mist. So subtle but no less dramatic.


  1. Penny Graham-JonesOctober 31, 2011 8:30 am

    Just beautiful, what more can I say!

  2. oh my! when I saw this in my blog list, I thought I was looking at my own blog entry of some two years ago! I also face west (being about as west as you can go in Wales) and you and I both have a very similar view, including the rooftops, trees, and shrubs! We are blessed with some amazing and spectacular sunsets and sunrises, you and I! should link you to see what I'm talking about! so funny!

  3. You are right - a very similar post :-)
    I love the time-between-times - dawn and dusk there is something truly magical about the rising and setting of the sun and we are so lucky to be able to witness it in it's full glory!

  4. They are beautiful pictures. Thank you for directing me to them. Cx

  5. wow beautiful!

  6. jason_belts_bucklesNovember 02, 2011 2:22 pm

    They are some stunning photos there. I love sunrise - you can set your day by it!


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