Sunday, July 15, 2012

All the fun of the Fayre...

We were umming and ahhing about going to the Tewkesbury Medieval Festival this year.
The weather has left much of the site waterlogged - including the main 'battle field' - reducing on site parking and turning the thoroughfare into a veritable mud bath. We weren't too bothered about seeing the battle itself, we've seen it before, we know what happens (Wiki 'Battle of Tewkesbury' if you want to know), and although I love the medieval market, I have no money to spend this year anyway...

Then this morning it was dry, there was even a hint of blue sky. Little Man had been up since stupid o'clock and the Other Half had MotoGP to watch. So we left daddy on the sofa and went anyway.

 We had a fab time. Yes it was muddy, but we had boots. No, I didn't have much money to spend but it was great just soaking up the atmosphere, dancing with the Mythago Morris, eating lovely festival food and just being OUT on a Sunday...

Enjoy the pictures x

Wanna see some more piccies? Head over to my Facebook page and check out the 'Tewkesbury Medieval Festival 2012' photo album :-) 


  1. Does look fun. Love that wool and LM's jumper.

    1. The wools was gorgeous - I would have happily taken home one of each if I'd had the money! LM's jumper we actually bought at last year's Medieval festival :-)

  2. Great photos! I agree, although muddy it was as always a fantastic weekend!

    Martin (Mythago Morris)


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