Thursday, July 05, 2012

Fancy some meats?

Westin Gourmet

A couple of weeks ago I got an email with 'Fancy some meats?' in the subject line. I confess I nearly hit delete. But my curiosity got the better of me and boy am I glad it did...

The email was sent on behalf of Westin Gourmet who wanted to offer me one of their introductory packs to review - a box full of fresh cut, vacuum packed, quality meat, delivered to my door in insulated boxes ready to cook or freeze for later use.

We don't eat a lot of meat in this house - I was actually vegetarian for best part of 15 years and although I do eat meat now, I prefer to buy from sources that value animal welfare over profit and favour quality over quantity. Westin Gourmet are proud to source all their meat from the most reputable farms in the world and they supply many of Britain's best resaurants so I trusted that the quality of the meat would be good.

The well packaged delivery arrived complete with reusable cooler blocks (just freeze them again and use them in a cool bag/box for picnics!) and most of the meat was vacuum packed for utmost freshness. In fact the steaks are cut and packed on the day of delivery!

All of this for less than £40!
So what did we get?

1 x 6oz Hereford sirloin steak
1 x 6oz Aberdeen Angus steak
1kg pack steak mince
2 x 7-8oz pork loin steaks
1 x 1.5kg whole corn fed chicken
10 gourmet steak burgers
24 x award winning Cumberland sausages

All the meat was excellent quality and we have thoroughly enjoyed trying cuts we wouldn't normally buy (I don't think I have ever cooked steak before! Ever!)I split the sausage, mince and burger packs up and froze them in portions so we can enjoy this meat for weeks to come. I passed a dozen of the sausages on to my dad who is a BIG fan of Cumberland sausage and he reported back that they were probably the best he had ever tasted. I can say they also made a smashing sausage casserole!

Some of the lovely meals we (I) cooked with our selection pack

We think the Westin Gourmet Variety Selection pack is great value for money and even better they are offering first time customers a huge £30 off the £69 price tag making it even better value! If you fancy giving it a try just click on the banner at the top of this post or the badge in the right hand column (I get a little commission for each one of you that takes advantage of this great offer, just so you know )

All the meats are available individually in competitively priced bulk packs - great for freezing or sharing with friends and family and there are some great selection packs to choose from too. I would definitely consider using Westin Gourmet in the future - especially if we were planning a BBQ!

* Disclosure: we were sent the meat variety pack for free for the purpose of this review. All words, pictures and opinions are our own. I recieve a small commission for every click on the banner or badge that results in a sale. No other payment has been received.

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