Monday, July 09, 2012

It's the Little Things #2

This week's Little Thing is actually quite a big thing.  Little Man attended his nursery 'Graduation Prom' on Friday night. It's not nearly as grand as it sounds - it actually consisted of a local village hall full of pre-schoolers (and their siblings), lots of crisps, cakes, sausage rolls, squash, balloons and a predominately CBeebies soundtrack. Little Man went all shy and decided he would prefer to spend most of the time with mummy and daddy as sadly his best friends from nursery weren't there, although his face lit up everytime balloons headed in his general direction.

The staff at the nursery had created little leaving packs for all the 'graduates' - a bag containing the childs progress report, some art work, a drinks bottle, a disk with photographs they had taken of him throughout his time there (we had to sign a consent form that none of this picture would be shared on Social Network sites due to their privacy policy, which is a shame coz there are some crackers!!) a ticket to the local cinema (timely - he has been nagging to go and see Ice Age 4 for weeks) and an achievement certificate.

Little Man's certificate said he was the class genius. "Quick to learn and retain information. Can intelligently talk about things he is interested in"

I cannot tell you how much this made me smile :-) not to mention the picture I took of him with his playleader, beaming from ear to ear proudly showing off his certificate (no, I'm not allowed to share that one either...)

Obviously this marks the end of an era. My Little Man is growing up. In ten weeks time he will no longer be a pre-schooler but enter the realms of formal education (all be it at Reception level which, if the school's 'Reception Entries Parents Evening' the other week was anything to go by, seems to be a whole lot more fun than staying at home!)

It hardly seems like yesterday that we first said hello!

1 day old and FULL of attitude!
What little things made you smile this week?


  1. Lol, that made me smile and feel very sad at the same time, my 'babies' are so grown up now xx

  2. The big question....Did you dress him in a cute little formal suit?! :D

    1. ummmm... not exactly - although he was wearing a very cute black tshirt with a printed tie and braces on it :)

    2. Eeeee sounds like he looked like Doctor Who! :D


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